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Enhance Security and Safety in Your Property With Our Motion Sensing Lighting

We supply a very large quantity at quality sensor to several customer spread all over India which include integrator home and building automation, warehouse, MNC, several plants where manufacture is done in diversify sector electrician, energy auditor, retailer, 5 star hotel, Stadium, offices etc.

Securing a property is essential for it helps prevent losses that can occur due to burglary and arson among other crimes. To make your property safer, you can install lights that turn on/off automatically. Many types of motion sensor lights are available and they are tailored for certain applications. For example, an indoor motion sensor would be a passive infrared (PIR) sensor. A PIR sensor is designed around a pyroelectric material that generates electricity whenever infrared waves are detected.

Infrared radiation is one of the components of the spectrum of light, but it is beyond the range of human eyes. An outdoor PIR sensor detects infrared radiation, when a person or animal steps into the area that is being watched. This means that the infrared heat that humans and animals emit triggers the sensor to transmit a signal to the receiver. The receiver is connected to the main control panel. When the infrared motion sensor detects motion, you will get a push alert on your Smartphone through the application. Therefore, with an outdoor motion sensor light you remain aware of actvities are taking place in your house when even when you are away.

Motion sensitive led lights are ideal for keeping the outside of a business premises or home secure. You can install motion detection lights in pathways, especially those that are not used by the public so that you can be aware of any visitors using the paths. Motion sensor lights have several advantages over other kind of security lights. One benefit is that they come on when something or someone triggers their sensor. Therefore, you can save energy if you install motion sensing lamps rather than lights that remain on at all times. If you want to prioritize on energy conservation, you can also choose to install a solar motion sensor light or energy saving bulbs. Wireless motion detector lights also turn on suddenly when triggered. They only illuminate the areas where the sensor indicates that something may be happening and this can draw attention of security personnel to that area.

Another threat to properties is fire. You can enhance safety in your property by installing fire rated Downlights. They are designed to prevent the spread of fire in a building. Downlights with fire rating are made from an intumescent material which expands upon reaching a specific temperature and seals the hole. This helps reduce the speed at which fire can spread out. Fire rated Downlights are used to retain the fire integrity of a ceiling.

If you are searching for motion sensor outdoor light fixtures, you can find them at Pammvi. Our company is a system integrator for providing home automation systems. The products we produce make a remote home lighting control, wireless home security monitoring and wireless weather monitoring possible. With our products, you can control essential household devices, including IP video cameras, smoke detectors, lights and temperature thermostats easily.

The Pammvi Group of Companies is a fast growing and reputed organization in India. At Pammvi, we have diversified our activities and offer many different kinds of products such as motion sensors, occupancy sensors, security lights, wireless sensors, carbon dioxide sensors and PIR motion sensors. We are one of the leading distributors of energy saving sensors.

Pammvi also represents Steinel Vertrieb GmbH in India. Steinel is manufacturer of energy saving sensors. This German company produces high quality motion sensors, which are useful for controlling energy and lighting loads in the areas where lights are commonly used such as passages, corridors, stairways, car parks, warehouses, gardens and lobbies among others. Steinel has a wide range of products for use in homes and business premises. You can enhance safety in a property by installing Steinel indoor sensor lights. Ceiling and wall lights are also available and they are ideal for installation in buildings with high ceilings. By ordering lighting products from our company, you can be sure that your safety and security needs will be met.

These sensors are designed to sense human motion and activity only. As such they are also known as Pet-immune Passive Infrared Detectors  which are ideally suited for out door motion detection which reduces any false triggers.

These presence sensing devices can be used for smart home automation using compatible 3rd party lighting controllers which eventually can be interfaced with smart devices such as a Tablet or Smart Phone. - therefore these occupancy sensors are ideally suited for system integrator and building automation companies.

Pammvi supports their clients with end-to-end solutions such as Site Survey, return on Investment calculations, project engineering services on RELUX which is a lighting visualization,  software and sensor installation at clients sites. We have a detailed training module to assist and educate end users on the nuances of sensor technology, installation and trouble shooting procedures.