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Reasons to Buy Heat Gun From Pammvi

We are one of the largest supplier of quality heat gun from one of the largest manufacture in the world. We cater to several industry which includes automobile engineering, plastic, electrical and electronic, packaging, lather, pharmaceutical, chemical, medical and etc  

A heat gun is a device which emits a stream of hot air. The temperature of the hot air emitted by a heat gun ranges from 100 degrees Celsius to 760 degrees Celsius. Hot air tools are held by hand and they have the general layout of a hand held gun.

A hot gun is used in the construction industry to complete a wide variety of tasks where controlled and powerful heat is required. It is a great alternative to using harsh chemicals to remove old paint. A hot gun also makes painted surfaces softer so that the paint can be stripped off easily. Therefore, it is also known as paint stripping gun. This device is also used to soften vinyl tiles so that they can be removed easily. It can also be used to dry paint faster. Furthermore, a hot air gun is used to shape and mould PVC, PP, Acrylic, Poly carbonate and other thermoplastic materials.

A heat shrink gun is also utilized in the automotive, packaging and medical fields. In packaging, it is mainly utilized for shrink wrapping and removing old labels. In the health care sector, it can be used for sanitizing. These devices can also be used for hot air welding and to create liquids and gases. In the automobile industry, a hot air heat gun is used to repair automotive upholstery and remove vehicle graphics.
Several kinds of heat guns are available.  They include the gas powered heat gun, cordless heat gun, hot air heat gun, industrial heat gun and infrared heat gun. Industrial heat guns are ideal for more demanding construction jobs. They are more powerful, larger and costlier than standard heat guns.

Heat guns are sold in various ways. For instance, you can buy them through online B2B and e-commerce platforms. You can also buy heating guns through a Pan Indian Dealer network. The heat guns usually carry a one year comprehensive warranty. This means that the products can be repaired or replaced during the specified warranty period.

One of the reputable sellers of industrial tools in India is as Pammvi. You can purchase a heavy duty heat gun for your business from our eCommerce platform. At Pammvi, we offer an extensive range of durable heat glue guns with appealing features. Examples include the hot melt glue gun, heat shrink gun, paint stripper heat gun, the industrial hot air blower and the Steinel heat gun.

Pammvi is a reputable and fast growing organization that is capitalizing on India’s economic expansion. Our company exclusively represents Steinel Vertrieb GmbH in India. We are the only company that imports and distributes Steinel hot air guns and heat shrink guns in India. Steinel Vertrieb is a German company. It is a leading supplier of cordless heat gun. This company has three factories in Europe that manufacture and design hot melt glue sticks. In India, Steinel products have a reputation of working perfectly. They offer unmatched consistency and durability.

Since we are a specialist supplier of plastic welding kit, our shrink wrap heat gun is popular with many quality conscious buyers. Our products adhere to stringent quality standards that are accepted all over the world. They have also tropicalized to meet the power conditions in India. Our electric heat gun functions smoothly even in the most demanding site conditions. Steinel heat guns also have an appealing design and many features, which are suitable for various applications. The hot air welding gun is user friendly and offer great value for money.

We cater to all pre and post sales requirements of our customers such as equipment servicing, and warranty replacement. By ordering professional heat guns from Pammvi, you can rest assured that you will get high quality plastic welding heat gun products that will meet your needs.