Engineering and Mechanical


In the Engineering Division, we represent the worlds first manufacturer of Micro-Percussion Direct Part Marking machines for Quality Control & Permanent Tracing from Europe.

The principal companies success is based on a permanent search for quality (ISO9001 - v2000) and a customer service oriented organisation. The products are ready to meet your needs should you require direct part marking on your products, components or identification tags either as part of an in-line process or as a stand-alone bench top machine.

With 20 years of experience in industrial marking on metallic or plastic parts, the company is having 28,000 machines installed worldwide make them a reliable global supplier of marking & verification solutions for traceability and identification systems. All around the world, the teams analyse, install and maintain the Micro-Percussion, scribing or laser equipment, with their automatic OCR character or Datamatrix  2D code reading systems. They expertise for OEM, system integrators and factory floor in a variety of industries. Customers worldwide count on the companies products for easy-to-integrate marking products on low to high volume production lines.

Permanent Marking Solution close to your application.

No marking projects are the same to permanently identify its component, part or products.

Selecting the best direct marking technology for the application is critical to achieving success. Since each technology has its own advantages and limitations, the company offers you a first a view of what could be a first level of selection based on 5 major marking criteria: speed, quality, depth of marking with their own level of noise and investment. The technology selection diagram will guide you in 4 complete lines of products for Direct Part Marking Identification.