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Glue Fix

A small hot-melt glue applicator in a modern design for craft work and decorating. For meticulous, creative glueing work.

The Gluefix from STEINEL shows that hot-melt glueing is not just mens work. The extremely practical tool leaves no margin of doubt with its modern design and ergonomic shape. Slim lines are underscored by the mat and shiny surface. That not only looks good, tis also pleasant to hold. The new Cristal and Color glue sticks (accessories) from STEINEL in particular turn the Gluefix into an all-purpose craft and decorating genius.

Product benefits

Particularly practical.
High melting capacity.
Electronic temperature control through modern PTC heating technology.
Simple handling thanks to mechanical glue stick feeder.
Glued area is firm and capable of withstanding loads after approx. 2 minutes.

Download the related PDF document for Techincal Specifications.

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