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Pur Glue 50

Ultimate bonding strength for the most exacting of demands

Glueing is seen as the joining method of the future. With PurGlue 50, hot-melt adhesive pioneer STEINEL has developed a bonding system that meets the most exacting of demands in industry and the trades. The innovative, PUR (polyurethane) based hot-melt adhesive system combines the advantages of hot-melt glues with the benefits of reaction adhesives and provides a high-strength bond between virtually any materials.

The advantages of PUR bonded joints at a glance:

Bonds ceramics, marble, metal, glass, wood, leather, textiles, various plastics (except PP, PE, polystyrene)

High immediate initial bond strength
High load-bearing final bond strength
Lower application temperature than conventional hot-melt adhesives – kind to sensitive materials
High heat resistance, thermally stable from -40° C to +100° C
Bond can be separated by applying heat (130° C) from a hot air tool without leaving residue
Suitable for use indoors and outdoors as well as in damp environments 

Download the related PDF document for Techincal Specifications.

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