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Gluematic 5000

Gluematic 5000

Electronically controlled hot-melt glue applicator with a very high melting capacity for cordless glueing.
The range-topping glue applicator model combines convenient handling and superb performance. The encapsulated melting chamber stores heat that allows you to work efficiently without any trailing cable. Plugging the cord directly into the unit provides the capability of applying large quantities of hot-melt adhesive in one uninterrupted operation. 
Product advantages

  • Very high melting capacity.
  • Cordless thanks to heat storage capability.
  • Charging station with integrated drip tray.
  • Nozzle can be changed

On placing the unit on the charging station it automatically connects to power and starts heating the adhesive.

Electronic temperature control through modern PTC heating technology.
Power cord simply plugs into unit for continuous operation.
Energy-saving standby mode and electronically controlled dual heating system for short warm-up times.
Mechanical glue stick feeder for a speedy, well-metred flow

Download the related PDF document for Techincal Specifications.

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